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251 Kelpie Ln Savage Harbour Acreage White Sand Beaches PEI

Jan 10, 2020 | Featured PEI Properties for Sale, Featured Videos, Homes for Sale in PEI, Savage Harbour, Videos | 0 comments

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251 Kelpie Ln Savage Harbour Acreage White Sand Beaches PEI

When you walk onto the broad Blue Heron Hideaways’ house front decks, you stop still and stare. Directly above and beyond you an endless magical aura of ocean and soft pale pink beaches unfolds, it sings to you from all sides, for as far as your amazed eyes can see.

Here, there is this mystical feeling that creeps into your heart, touches your mind, and soul. A certainty, a sense of belonging: calming your thoughts into peace; into a rare contentment.

Suddenly, you are at one with the celestial scenery; surrounded by spirits of this place; sounds of whispering waves, seabirds songs, an ancient mermaid’s kiss in the salt wind upon your cheek. Here is an eternity of times, stories, tales of peoples who have loved this place they sweetly speak to you through the soft summer breeze, saying …. “This is your place”… At last you have found it. Your own special paradise. Your Shangri-la. You sigh, a long sigh … and then … a small hand comes into your big hand; an unusually quiet child’s voice whispers; “Grandpa, wow, that’s an ocean?! You told me about it. wow!” And somehow that big hand becomes young again like the small one.

You pick your child up and you run down the sand dune steps and out into the sea laughing and shrieking as the cool waves clear your stress away into the past. Rejuvenation can happen in this inspirational location; it’s well and truly documented in a stack of guests books and memories from generation to generation.

At night looking up into the magical lights twinkling in the endless sky you feel you can almost touch the myriad of stars shining toward you from high above, beckoning from space toward secret galaxies.

The wonder of it all to inspire families to study and discover and find a dream for a lifetime career. In sunlight, below under the sea, family adventurers watch fish and lobsters and a host of odd creatures of the deep just off that front deck. 

Price: $977,000 CDN. (Google Currency Calculator)

(PEIREA MLS ID 201822900)


MLS Cutsheet

GPS Coordinates:

Latitude: 46.4290581
Longitude: -62.9091873


GeoLink Map:

GeoLink Map

Prince Edward Island Provincial Government Ortho Photo/Aerial view:


PEI Government Ortho Photo Aerial View

Google Map: 251 Kelpie Ln Savage Harbour Acreage White Sand Beaches PEI

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