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Professional Real Estate Photography and the 6 Second Rule

The best pictures, and video, combined with the best marketing, will sell your home quicker and for more more money.

professional real estate photos

seconds to sell your charlottetown home

You have 6 seconds to sell someone on your House for Sale before they move on to the next listing!  6 seconds.

Make your 6 seconds powerful ones!  Poor real estate photos result in an MLS listing that is on the market longer, has less showings, and sells for less money.

I have personally sold houses that were on the market (with other agents) for YEARS in less than a few days by changing the pictures! I cannot possibly express how much of an impact good photographs make with Real Estate in combination with a great marketing plan. 

I have assembled this collection of our custom real estate photography representing some of our more recent listings.   Our strategy is to bring luxury home photography to a much broader segment of the market than you normally would find. I guarantee that my clients will always have the best looking listing in any price range!

Regardless if your home is $40,000. or $15,000,000 you will get the same high quality Photography and Video to sell your home quicker.

I was brought up with the attitude that: “If you are going to do something, do it right, or don’t do it at all.”

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