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Selling Real Estate in PEI

Selling your Charlottetown & Prince Edward Island Real Estate

Choosing the right Charlottetown or Prince Edward Island real estate agent is a major and difficult decision. Take the time to read, watch the videos, and view the PDF files below to help you make the right decision for you.  Choosing the wrong REALTOR® in PEI can cost you a lot of grief, time and money.  You are trying to sell in one of the most challenging markets in Canada.  You need a full-time, energetic, enthusiastic and experienced agent that is a master trained negotiator (MCNE) and has global and Social Media marketing reach.  Reading Michael’s unsolicited testimonials doesn’t hurt either.

In 2014 and moving forward, I will donate a portion of every sale commission to the Charlottetown Humane Society or a local PEI Charity of your choice. I believe it is important to support our community, and in a larger way to take care of all the helpless dogs, and cats that require a nice safe, clean home.


Using another Charlottetown or PEI Real Esate Agent (or friend) could be costing you thousands of dollars and possibly months, years, or a decade of wasted time!

It takes more than a Smile to sell a House.  If the perspective Agent(s) you are interviewing to sell your house do not have a Listing Presentation that is well thought out, well prepared, in-depth, detailed, and comprehensive — What do you think their Marketing Plan will look like?

Michael Poczynek is not just another Charlottetown/PEI Real Estate Agent;

He is a Full-Time Complete Marketing and Advertising Company specializing in Charlottetown and PEI Real Estate, Marketing your Property Socially and Globally® for Over 20 Years!  Michael and his team don’t want to list your home, they want to sell it!

So you are thinking about selling in Charlottetown or PEI? (I am so excited!)

Receive my 50 page report on the 10 Steps to successfully selling your Charlottetown & Prince Edward Island Home here! Some Real Estate Agents continuously focus on the competition. I prefer to focus on the customer, and that starts by asking quality questions. Once you have entered this information you will receive my 50 page report on how to sell your Charlottetown or PEI home for FREE, and without obligation.
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    Man selling car offers house for an additional $100.

I am not here for the LISTING, I am here for the SALE!

Any Real Estate Agent can list a property.  However, it takes a lot of time, energy, marketing/sales experience, and money (advertising budget dollars) to sell a property in Prince Edward Island.  Prince Edward Island is a Buyer’s Market most of the time.  In a buyer’s market, there is no shortage of listings.  Michael and his team will do everything they can to make your listing of thousands stand out about the crowd, and above the noise of the Internet.

What’s the difference between a buyer’s and seller’s market?  The real estate market is cyclical – which is why you may have heard the term, “real estate cycle.” Several key factors influence this cycle, including interest rates, employment growth, investment growth, construction and even immigration. All influence whether there is a buyer’s market or a seller’s market.  A buyer’s market is when there are many more homes for sale than there are buyers. As a result, prices may drop over time as homeowners become eager to sell their property.  A seller’s market is when interest rates are low so there are many qualified buyers and not many homes for sale. Buyers must make quick decisions and face multiple offers on the home they have chosen to buy and prices can rise.  To measure market activity, the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board has a unique tool. It’s our Sales-to-Listings ratio which measures the balance between demand and supply.   A ratio of three sales for five listings means we are in a seller’s market (also known as a ratio of 55 – 60%). A ratio of fewer than 7 sales for every 20 listings means we are in a buyer’s market (also known as a ratio of less than 35%).


This is Michael’s promise to you:

To sell your Prince Edward Island or Charlottetown property faster, for more money more easily.

In my more than 20 years of experience (in PEI Real Estate and not some other market) I can honestly say that the Prince Edward Island Real Estate Market is a “challenge” to say the least.  This is according to National News Sources, the Federal and Local Government, and CMHC (Canadian Housing and Mortgage Corporation).

Take a look at this recent CMHC report titled “Charlottetown Housing Market Outlook”, it’s dated Fall of 2014, however, it addresses the upcoming years:

CMHC Fall 2014 Housing Market Outlook – Charlottetown

If you are going to even think about attempting to sell your Charlottetown, Summerside, Stratford, East or West Royalty, Cornwall, or Winsloe home, condo, apartment building, land, or business, you need more than just the 4 P’s to get that done:

  • Take some pictures,
  • Put up a sign,
  • Post it on MLS,
  • and Pray that it sells! (This is the most important part.)
Photo of house over dashboard

Actual Photo of a house from an FSBO (for sale by owner) site. There are more on my blog.  This home took years to sell.  

You need more than a friend in the in industry, a cousin, family member, or a name picked at random off a sign.  By the way; it’s hard to fire a friend (and do you want to risk losing a friend over a real estate deal?).

If you do not want to spend months, years, or a DECADE to sell your property or properties, you should consider the number one brand in PEI for over 40 years; Century 21, the number one brand worldwide, and Michael Poczynek’s proven International Marketing plan that has been developed, successfully deployed, and proven effective for over 20 years.

A part of Michael’s plan includes mind-blowing YouTube videos on a channel with over 1,400,0000 views, over 2076 subscribers and syndication (mass distribution) to over 275 websites worldwide.   By the way, by the time I update this page, those will be increased.

Point 2 for Agents syndicates your real estate listings to other websites.

Michael’s plan has sold properties from $5,000 to a record $5,000,000. and received offers for as much as $13,000,000 in the province, and $120,000,000. out of province.  Sometimes, in a few hours after being e-mailed to Michael’s mailing list of thousands.

The same well thought out marketing plan is used for the $5,000,000 property is being utilized for the $5,000,000 property.   In my opinion, if you are going to do a job, do it right, do it well, and do with enthusiasm.

Be sure to join Michael’s Newsletter here:

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Google owns YouTube

Google owns YouTube, and now includes videos within most search results.

Did you know YouTube is owned by Google, and YouTube is the world’s second most popular search engine in the world?  Not only will your property for sale be found on YouTube, the world’s number one source for videos, your video(s) will also be included in the Google search results (The number one search engine in the world).  These examples below came up on the first page of Google (this very valuable) when I searched for “pei real estate”, and the first page of Google when I searched for “prince edward island real estate”.  These are the two main search terms that are responsible for 99% of all searches for real estate here on the Island.  This is powerful stuff, and why can’t I stop giggling? – I love it when a plan comes together.

Searching for “pei real estate”:

Google "PEI Real Estate" results.

Searching for “prince edward island real estate”:

Google "prince edward island real estate" search results.

This will make your property stand out against the typically thousands of currently active listings on the Island.  Additionally, the MLS as viewed on, now allows for the inclusion of a video.  If you do not have a video, you are missing out – period!  Michael’s videos sell properties!  Did you know:

  • 81% of Buyers are more likely to look at a home with videos before those without.
  • 76% of Sellers are more likely to list with an agent who offers a video.
  • 12% of Agents use video (probably a lot less in PEI … maybe less than 3%).

If you have a poorly produced video that lacks excitement, entertainment, and energy, you are sending the wrong message, and may as well have no video at all. In addition to a well-produced, informational, entertaining, High-Definition (HD) YouTube video that will be marketed across the planet (Internationally), you will also receive 31 (the maximum on MLS) professional grade quality pictures that will make your property shine and glow.  Pictures are worth a thousand words – don’t let it be the wrong words.

People in kitchen - used for MLS listing.

This is the picture of the kitchen used for the Real Estate (MLS) listing.

Michael and his team will also include a well written 2,000 character MLS description. This emotionally driven description will sell the “experience” of your home, not just the structure and number of bedrooms (that’s on the MLS cut sheet anyhoo!).  This property description will also be peppered with keywords that will attract worldwide search engines (including Bing, Google, and Yahoo), and billions of potential buyers including the Chinese.  Did I mention my website is also multilingual?  I know – amazing isn’t it? Take a look at these examples of well written and poorly written MLS descriptions, and “feel” the difference.

By making Michael’s website multilingual allows search engines in other countries with other languages including and not limited to the top ten languages on Earth; French, Malay-Indonesian, Portuguese, Bengali, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Hindustani, and Mandarin to include Michael’s website in the search results.  This will deliver International buyers to your door!  Still giggling.A number of hands on globe indicating global reach of advertising and marketing.

These are just a few of the many results orientated enhancements Michael and his team will make to your listing to develop more interest, and get it sold faster!

It is unlikely that any listing on (PEI MLS – Multiple Listing Service) will stand out, and attract more attention!  You decide if you want to play the waiting game for potentially MONTHS, YEARS, or a DECADE, or put a plan of action into place NOW which starts with a complete 41-page market evaluation of your home delivered to you for FREE!  If you are not educated on the market, you are wasting your time.  “Hope” will not sell your property in PEI.  My free report will detail properties that have sold, properties that were listed and did not sell (expired), and your current competition (actives).  Plus extra valuable “absorption rates” otherwise known as how long it will take for your property to sell at its current price and location.

How Absorption Rates are calculated.

Absorption Rate Market Trends (3, 6, and 12 months).

This is information that is not available on, and not traditionally from any other source. Right now as an added extra bonus, I am going to offer you a 50-page report on the “10 Steps to selling your home” which includes how to pick a REALTOR®, what pitfalls to miss, and things you need to think about as an educated seller.  Just fill out the form below to receive it. Start “Marketing your property Socially and Globally®” via Social Media including Facebook, TwitterGoogle Plus, Reddit, Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Pinterest, Skyrock, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon, Live Journal, Instagram, and many more.

Is it not time to make your Charlottetown or PEI property a part of the Prince Edward Island Real Estate SUPER CHANNEL?

YouTube Logo Cubed

Michael and his team are the number one source for PEI Real Estate Video. A video is great, but if it is not distributed, marketed, and advertised, no one will ever see it.  This is why you need to be a part of the Prince Edward Island Real Estate SUPER CHANNEL.  No YouTube video channel receives more views, has more subscribers, and offers more videos in PEI.

YouTube tip: The next time you are watching real estate videos on YouTube, click on the “About” tab, and see how many views the channel has received, and how long it has been active.   The more views the better, and the longer the channel has been alive the better Google will rank it in its search results.
Michael Poczynek is the producer, director, and head bottle washer since he created the channel is 2007. To take it a step further, Michael also has on staff the best professional photographers, videographers, copywriters, web developers, and marketing people.  You only have six seconds to deliver your message to a potential buyer.  Do not make it the wrong message.

Wait there’s more…

In the past, have you been tired of an endless stream of unqualified buyers looking at your property (tire kickers)?  Michael and his team also use a 15 page+ intake form that confirms purchasers are qualified, motivated, and ready to buy BEFORE they waste your precious time.  No more tire kickers for you!

See an example of Michael’s Buyer Interview Form here.

Isn’t about time you hired a FULL TIME, qualified, experienced, knowledgeable, and trust-worthy International Marketing Specialist for your home to get it sold for more money, with no headaches, in less time?

MCNE designation logo

The MCNE designation is the premier negotiation designation in real estate! Earning your MCNE designation demonstrates that you have invested considerable effort to bring your negotiation skills to the highest professional level in real estate.

In closing, as a Master Certified Negotiating Expert (MCNE), Michael will also be in your corner when the competing offers come pouring in.  Michael and his team will work to get you the best deal possible, with conditions you like, with no stress for you! No property is too big, too small, or too swampy (with full disclosure of course) to sell.  Michael and his team cover from one end of Prince Edward Island (North Cape) to the other (East Point), and everywhere in between.

Map of Prince Edward Island.

Michael Poczynek’s team cover the entire province of Prince Edward Island.


Get your property sold faster, for more money and more easily.  Start the process here:

To start the process; contact Michael and his team right away at (902)626-6912, or fill out this form:

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     for sale sign evolutionThe Evolution of Prince Edward Island Real Estate from Michael Poczynek; a Marketing and Advertising expert who has specialized in PEI Real Estate Full Time for over 20 years.

The Original idea: More money for your Charlottetown or Prince Edward Island Real Estate in less time at a higher price!

Picture of a chart with a man drawing a line going higher.

This isn’t Michael, but it does get the point across.

No annoying price reduction calls every week (some companies base their entire practice on this tactic; calling you every week for a price reduction). All those tiny prices reductions add up to a very large number, and potentially a lot of money out of your pocket. Stand out from the crowd and utilize more than an MLS listing and a for-sale sign.  Compare this web page with what the other agents are offering (or not offering).  Without state of the art marketing and advertising, you could be on the market for years and lose thousands of dollars!  Michael and his team have the most comprehensive and extensive marketing and advertising program in PEI.

Michael’s evolution: The progress of state of the art PEI Real Estate Marketing:

1997 – FIRST TO THE INTERNET: The first major Prince Edward Island Real Estate Website.

  • – A top brand in PEI Real Estate has been created and becomes situated on the first or second page of Google and many other popular search engines for over 20 years.
  • The website generates millions of views and thousands of registered e-mail addresses that add to Michael’s massive marketing database. is now synonymous with some of the best marketing and advertising programs available on the island and in Atlantic Canada (we get calls from other provinces too)!  Dare to compare our approach to others.  
Percentage of Home Buyers Searching for home on the Internet

Graph displaying the use of the Internet to search for Homes for Sale between 2003 and 2013. Very soon the figure will be close to 100%.


  • One of the first agents to use a high-quality digital camera to get listings on websites and MLS within minutes, not days or weeks!  (Not to mention I saved a ton of money on gas and film developing.)
  • This also allows Michael to digitally enhance, sharpen, crop, and brighten otherwise dull unattractive photographs. Michael receives calls from major companies wanting to place these high-quality photos on company calendars (Irving Oil and others).
Fujifilm's first digital camera

This 2.0 megapixel Fujifilm camera was the first camera Michael used to move into the digital photography age. It was a present from his grandmother.


  • Sent to over 21,582 interested buyers and sellers every week.  This newsletter features new listings, price changes, and Prince Edward Island Real Estate Tips, Tricks, and Traps.


  • One of the first agents to use high-end digital camera equipment, home staging, and digital editing software to create the best photographs in listings.  Michael and his team dress up your home for photos, and provide you with advice on how to prep your home for showings.


  • The first agent to do large volume, high resolution digital Aerial Photography.
  • Over 25,000 photos shot hanging out the window of a Cessna Aircraft.


  • was created boasting over 25,000 aerial photos online.


Michael Poczynek in the Summerside Journal Pioneer talking about video.

Michael is interviewed by a local newspaper on the subject of producing video for homes, land, and commercial buildings for sale in Charlottetown, Summerside, and the balance of Prince Edward Island.  I look so young.  Wow.

Consider this: consumers that watch product videos online are 95 percent likelier to make a purchase than consumers that do not view videos (Source: Internet Retailer). Additionally, marketers that use video properly tagged with relevant keywords are more likely to move up in Google search results (Source: Forrester). These findings highlight how real estate professionals and businesses of any size can benefit from including video and other social strategies in their marketing mix.


  • Allowing people to find listings particularly land and acreage easily. This results in more showings, and chances to sell the property.


  • Michael enters the world of Social Media and creates a large following and up to the second video and listing updates.  Be sure to subscribe to his Twitter Account for instant updates:


  • The first agent to offer specialized aerial video tours in HD in PEI.
Cessna with video camera.

Cessna Aircraft with a video camera for taking aerial video.


  • With Facebook becoming the number three website next to YouTube and Google, a presence was required.  Michael now posts his new videos and listings to his multitude of over 39 websites, YouTube (the number 2 search engine in the world), his blog at, Twitter, and Facebook.

Facebook, Twitter, Goolge Plus, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn social media logos.


  • CREA (Canadian Real Estate Association) has created a Data Distribution Facility (DDF®) to enable CREA’s members to easily disseminate MLS® listing content to multiple websites, and to ensure that MLS® listing content that is displayed on these websites is accurate, up to date, and uses CREA’s trademarks correctly.  The DDF® is permission-based and consists of three modules: a National Shared Pool Module; a Member Website Feed Module; and a Third Party Module.  More info can be found here.


Also in 2012: (while the market is down) Michael obtains ePro, CRS, and CCIM (Candidate) Designations, YouTube Channel hits 300,000 views!  Michael joins Point 2 listing syndication network: Michael’s Listings now distributed to over 347 websites.


  • Buyers are traversing from search engines to Social Media outlets to find listings.
  • Facebook allows Michael to put listings in front of potential buyers that meet a specific demographic.  This is extremely powerful and was very difficult, if not impossible to do in the past.  Facebook changes the world of Internet advertising (and Michael buys shares of FB).
  • The Largest Involvement in Social Media then any Agent in PEI including and not limited to: Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many others – changing and updating daily.  Watch this video on Social Media.  YouTube videos are now attached by way of the “Multimedia” tab on, Canada’s most popular sites for Real Estate Listings for residential and commercial real estate.  We also use commercial sites ICIWorld and LoopNet.
  • Michael releases new Social Media For Sale signs to reflect the drive towards Social Media.
Michael Poczynek Century 21 For sale sign with Social Media logos new for 2013

Michael Poczynek’s latest for-sale sign highlighting the use of Social Media to sell PEI properties. The sign includes a QR-code that links to his YouTube Channel.

  • New For Sale Sign design for 2013 with accompanying Social Media Logos, and QR Code for instant access to my YouTube Channel and the current property video.
Michael Poczyenk Century 21 New YouTube sign with QR Code

These new YouTube signs with a QR-code are placed on the Century 21 For Sale sign, and allows the potential buyer to scan the code, and watch the video right on site.

According to Compete PRO data for August 2013: 163.4 million American adults visited 162.5 million American adults visited 59.3 million visited 41.2 million visited 34.1 million visited 33.2 million visited 33.1 million visited 29.6 million visited 25.6 million visited 23.5 million visited Michael Poczynek is marketing to them all!

2013 – There’s more: A Radio Controlled Quad-Copter for Aerial Video.

Michael Poczynek in the Journal Pioneer

Michael Poczynek interviewed by local newspaper; The Journal Pioneer as a result of his high-tech global marketing efforts.


DJI Phantom Quadcopter version 1

Home of on-demand Aerial HD Video and High Resolution Aerial Photographs by Remote Control Aerial Drone Quad-copter. New for 2013!


Drone Quadcopter Aerial Video and Photography REM Magazine Michael Poczynek

Michael’s Drone Story goes National with REM Magazine.


Professionally developed video for higher quality luxury homes like this one I had featured in the New York Times.  This Pilot Video was created for a National TV Show.

Ted Haslam's home near Tignish Prince Edward Island

Michael has on staff Professional Photographers, and Videographers to produce the highest quality professional photographs and TV ready videos.  Press play to watch the video.  This home sold with multiple offers.


  • I spent four full days in training with some of the Top Real Estate People in North America sharing marketing ideas, business planning, and much, much more.  It was a huge investment in time, money, and energy — but at the end of the day Well worth it.
  • In February Michael and his team took a seminar at The University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) on Coastal Erosion and Sea Level Rise – Prince Edward Island’s future.
  • In March, Michael became one of the first 22 Master Certified Negotiation Experts (MCNE) in Canada.  This will allow me to better represent you as a seller or as a buyer of real estate.  Continuous education is very import when attempting to advertise, promote, and market your Charlottetown, Summerside, or Prince Edward Island home.
  • Michael Poczynek appears on CBC Maritime Noon News for a full hour answering questions about real estate with questions from call-ins from all over Atlantic Canada including Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island.  Michael is co-hosted by a Halifax real estate agent form Coldwell Banker.  What great exposure and fun!
  • The addition of over $10,000 of camera equipment, and several professional photography courses, photos will be even better, and HDR (high dynamic range) may be an option.  The Nikon D800e is an amazing camera.
  • Michael takes a number of photography courses from Oliver Childs – a well known and respected Island professional photographer.
  • New custom domain names (sub-domains) will be used to direct buyers to property videos, or websites.
  • Property specific business cards (below) are now developed to be distributed in banks, grocery stores, public places, or as hand outs to your social circles.  Scan the QR-code with your iPhone, Android phone, or other smart phone and watch the video.  These ingenious business cards also make a great present for other real estate agents, and brokers.  Probably not.

These business cards are customized for your Charlottetown, Summerside, or PEI property for sale.

FACT!  Consumers are 73% more likely to list their home with a real estate agent that uses video. Why? Because buyers know instinctively what YouTube announced at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show: in the near future, 90% of all web visitors will be watching video. has become the second most well known brand name in PEI Real Estate since


  • After the first quadcopter was lost on Ives Point Road in Miscouche, never to be found again, quad-copter #2 was introduced now with a GPS tracking device.
  • Quadcopter #2 makes a hasty landing in salt water off the coast of Sunbury Cove Estates.  This made me quickly discover that salt water and electronics do not mix.
  • October/1014: Quadcopter #3 is in the process of being launched.  Michael will see what he can do to make sure it is slower, closer to the ground, and not travelling too far from the operator.  Update: 2/25/19: Not so lucky; crashes into the beach east of Charlottetown.
DJI Phantom 2 with GoPro Camera

DJI Phantom 2 with GoPro Camera (we are one to drone #3).

  • November/14: Joined Brookfield Global Relocation Services:  The Federal Government Integrated Relocation Program is a unique program that provides government entities which include the Government of Canada, the Canadian Forces and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police with increased flexibility and assistance to relocation Members/Employees to new work locations.  Areas covered: ALBANY, ALBERTON, BEDEQUE, BELFAST, BELLE RIVER, BLOOMFIELD STATION, BONSHAW, BREADALBANE, Brooklyn, CARDIGAN, CENTRAL BEDEQUE, CHARLOTTETOWN, COLEMAN, CORNWALL, CRAPAUD, ELLERSLIE, ELMIRA, ELMSDALE, FREETOWN, GEORGETOWN, Granville, GREEN GABLES, Hamilton, HUNTER RIVER, KENSINGTON, KINKORA, LENNOX ISLAND, Mermaid, MIMINEGASH, MISCOUCHE, MONTAGUE, MORELL, MOUNT STEWART, MURRAY HARBOUR, MURRAY RIVER, NORTH RUSTICO, NORTH WILTSHIRE, North Winslow, O’LEARY, PORT BORDEN, POWNAL, RICHMOND, SLEMON PARK, SOURIS, ST-LOUIS, ST-PETERS BAY, Stanhope, STRATFORD, SUMMERSIDE, Summerville, TIGNISH, TYNE VALLEY, VERNON BRIDGE, VICTORIA, WELLINGTON STATION, WINSLOE, WOOD ISLANDS, YORK.
  • version 3 is released.  This is the third version of the world famous Prince Edward Island Real Estate website.
  • 2019 – Wow!  How times flies.   Three years of top production and awards. 
    After the first quadcopter was lost on Ives Point Road in Miscouche, never to be found again, quad-copter #2 was introduced now with a GPS tracking device


  • Working like a dog seems like 24 hours a day.
  • Century 21 USA creates and requires Century 21 Canada to adopt the new branding.  All about the new brand here. 
  • Amassing tons of education and credentials.  
  • Creating one of the most highly budgeted marketing programs in the history of Prince Edward Island.
  • $99,877.05 spent on Facebook ads alone.  
  • Stepped up our Google Adwords marketing as well.  
  • Become the #1 agent in PEI with the Century 21 Canada System for top volume dollar production for 2016, 2017 and 2018.
  • From Century 21 Canada: Ranking in the Top 1% in C21 Canada 2018 and Top 1% in C21 Canada 2018.
  • Working with some new commercial TV producers on some new ideas to penetrate the commercial TV advertising field.  
  • We now have multiple marketing companies we employ in different provinces
  • We now have multi photographers, videographers, and people on board.
  • Lots of excitement ahead for 2019!
  • Learning new marketing and advertising techniques and methodologies keeps the real estate business new, alive and exciting.
  • As E-Mail is not that reliable, some get lost, we now aim for 100% receipt by incorporating technologies to text us on our cell phones when a form/lead is submitted.    


constant education in real estate

Greet ideas are not just going to show up on my doorstep to help us sell your property faster, for more money and more easily. My team and I have travelled all over North America to meet with and take educational seminars on the best ways to market Prince Edward Island Real Estate. We have travelled to places as close as Moncton, Halifax, and Dartmouth, to Ontario, Florida, California, Texas (twice), Arizona, Washington D.C., and Nevada bringing back the best ideas from the best Real Estate Agents on this side of the planet. All to service you the home seller better!  We will deliver you a 5-star experience in Real Estate.

  Dog selling PEI Real Estate in Charlottetown

Get it out there – let people know it’s for sale, and present it in the best light.

Just because your property is listed on MLS does not mean anyone knows about it or likes what they see or read.

You can have the best pictures, the best video, the best MLS description, the best house for sale in Charlottetown or Prince Edward Island, but if no one knows about it, then it is not going to get sold, and you are going to continue to lower the price (thinking that is the problem), because that is your only option (with the agent you are working with). Poor market exposure results in a lower sale price and less money in your pocket.

There are only two things that will sell any Charlottetown or PEI property:
Price and Market Exposure.

There are thousands of PEI MLS listings.  What are you doing to make your property listing stand out?  Take the time to watch this Prince Edward Island Real Estate YouTube video:

Warning!  Do not be fooled.  There are some Canadian Real Estate companies that use constant, weekly, almost daily incremental price reductions as a marketing plan.  Anyone can sell a house when the price has been reduced by 50%.  When dealing with real estate agents, be armed with knowledge from the start: Ask to see a listing presentation of their marketing plans, professional dossier, their biography or resume, a sales success record (or lack thereof), and the market data – and make sure they are a full-time agent and not a hobbyist.  The market data should include up to date sales, active listings, expired listings, and most importantly market absorption rates (how long will it take to sell my home).

Michael is a Media Whore, but in a good way: To get your PEI property out there and sold!

I am sure if we can say this, however, some have called Michael a “media whore”.  By definition: “A person who craves media attention; someone who will apparently do anything to remain in the media spotlight.”  In this case, it’s to get your property in the spotlight.  That was the idea behind the drone quad-copter, HD Videos and earlier on Aerial Photos.  It was not so much to take aerial photographs and video, but to get the media’s attention, and maybe in the process, a few of Michael’s listings may pop-up (smiling).  The coverage on Prince Edward Island Real Estate that Michael has been able to receive has resulted in millions of dollars of free advertising.

Here are some examples from Local, National, and International media sources:

Here is a small list of marketing outlets Michael and his team use to market your property, and what you could miss out on by using another agent (He does not disclose everything in order to keep the competition in the dark.):

PRINT & INTERNET MEDIA constant marketing in:

  • The Journal Pioneer (Summerside)
  • The Guardian (Charlottetown)
  • Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)
  • Boston Herald (Boston, Massachusetts)
  • Globe & Mail (Canada National)
  • National Post (Canada) – My Last Article on Cable Head East (PDF).
  • Ottawa Hill (Ottawa Canada)
  • Long Island Dan’s Paper (New York, USA)
  • EBAY
  • Cottage Link
  • Wall Street Journal
  • New York Times
  • Money Sense Magazine
  • Yahoo! Groups/MSN Groups
  • The Hamilton Spectator (Ontario)
  • The Toronto Star
  • The Toronto Sun
  • The Real Estate Book (now discontinued …oops now back up)
  • Kijiji
  • Craigslist
  • Edmonton Sun (Edmonton, Alberta)
  • Edmonton Star (Edmonton, Alberta)
  • Calgary Sun (Calgary, Alberta)
  • Calgary Harald (Calgary, Alberta)
  • LoopNet (commercial real estate)
  • ICI World (commercial real estate) – I was involved with the development of this company when I was much younger.  It is now the second largest commercial site in the world.

Why use a full-time/non-hobbyist real estate agent?  The reason being, they cannot afford to spend money on real estate advertising normally resulting in less market exposure for you, and fewer dollars in your pocket when the house sells.
Here are a number of other things Michael Poczynek and his team do to market Prince Edward Island houses, land, cottages, businesses, and commercial buildings:

  • Instant faxing of properties to 7,700 Canadian Real Estate Offices and 240 PEI Realtors.
  • Instant faxing of properties to 3,441 Prince Edward Island Business Fax Numbers.
  • Multiple Listing Service across Canada and the world at
  • 7431 e-mails to commercial agents worldwide (for commercial properties).
  • Thousands of e-mails to active buyers on his “active buyer” e-mail list (sent twice weekly).
  • Active marketing on more than a thousand websites internationally.
  • More than 1 million visitors to PEI’s number one real estate website, and also PEI’s Largest collection of aerial photography.
  • Professional Digital pictures created with a professional camera (all processed in his office — No Outsourcing).
  • Multiple full-time marketing people.
  • New since 2006!  Professional videos created for YouTube and 20 other sites.  Over 1,400,000 views as of 2/25/2019. The largest and most watched Real Estate Channel in PEI.  YouTube is now the second most popular search engine in the world only second to Google.
  • Twitter Broadcasts for new listings:
  • HD Videos & Aerial Photographs taken by Michael personally — No Outsourcing.
  • Great descriptions that excite buyers and sell properties.  We use all 1000 characters allowed by MLS.
  • Selling bonuses and other methods that excite REALTORs® — to promote your property! (optional)
  • Exposure in Luxury Real and Magazine (for properties $5M+)
  • Cooperation with Sotheby’s International for High-End properties.
  • The back cover of “The Real Estate Book” circulating at 562 locations, 30,000 copies in PEI.
  • Journal Pioneer “Web Browser” Local Internet Directory available all year long.
  • A constant classified ad in local newspapers.
  • 200+ Keywords on the world’s most popular search engine: Google.
  • Google keyword ad.
  • Vanity website names: ie.,,, and  Created for free to Michael’s clients.
  • The only agent in PEI doing videos since 2007.
  • Constant marketing on,,, and many more.
  • Over 30+ Century 21 Northumberland company websites that share all the companies listings for more exposure.
  • RSS Feed.
  • is usually on the first page of when using the two main keywords people use “prince edward island real estate”, and “pei real estate”.
  • Featured on (very popular for search engines).

Can you please tell me where you found Michael?

Pretty please! We would really like to know. The Internet is so random at times.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

I am sorry for the interruption …. Lets continue…

Plus there is Syndication through Michael’s many websites including and not limited to:


Memberships, and Associations.

  • Member of LoopNet: The world’s largest commercial real estate site.
  • Member of ICI World: The world’s 2nd largest commercial real estate site.  Michael was actually involved with the development of this site when he was a teenager.
  • Member of the Atlantic Commercial Council (ACC) – There are only 8 members in PEI (1/13/11).

The list goes on and on…  Michael does more than 192 other marketing items not on this list (for confidentiality reasons) – We do not want to tell the competition everything Michael is doing!  Which one or more of these marketing avenues do you want to miss out on?

Techie cartoon

Michael Poczynek as a child, if the Internet was invented.


first time at the charlottetown movies

Remember the first time you went to the movies? Wasn’t exciting?

Selling a home is no different when you are using video; when it is done properly and keeps the viewer enticed, excited, and wanting more. Michael has been doing videos longer than any other agent in PEI and knows how to do them right. He has the viewership and the subscribers to prove that, and in turn, selling your home faster, for more money and more easily. Take a look at a few of the videos Michael and his team have made for sellers:  

181 Harbourview Drive, North Rustico:

Too many videos are about selling the house when they need to be about selling the experience especially with regards to PEI & Charlottetown Real Estate.  This is an example of what Michael and his team call a “lifestyle video.”  Watch the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

As Seen in the New York Times! This Video was prepared for a National TV Show Pilot of “Established Home”. Maybe, we will see it on HGTV one day.


“The Miracle Agent”. Finding the Best PEI Real Estate Agent and not wasting time and money. Don’t be the next one to lose $20,000!


Marketing Update June 2013. Marketing your property Socially and Globally.


2 Part Video Series and Coverage of Waterfront Acreage for Sale. The first video leads into Drone Aerial Video.


The “Poczynek” method of land listing, and the use of a Drone Helicopter.


National Coverage on CBC of Sunbury Cove Estates arranged by Michael.


CBC TV News Compass Remotely Controlled Drone Quadcopter does PEI Real Estate and more.


Real Estate Agent REALTOR Training & Education: Pricing a property – It’s all about the data!
REM Magazine Michael Poczynek Quadcopter

Michael Poczynek appears on the front page of REM Magazine; a National Magazine that is distributed to all Real Estate offices across Canada.


Salesman with dog, dog says mark your territory.

Why is it so important that a Real Estate Agent has a listing presentation?

Listing presentations are so important, yet less than 3% of active real estate agents utilize a listing presentation.

A listing presentation allows you the seller to know what to expect, and when.  Also, what not to expect. It may include a biography, professional dossier, the credentials and education of the agent, marketing plan, a series of questions about your goals, a preview of your home, market data (establishing an asking price), an explanation of the forms & sales procedure, addressing any concerns, and a seller’s pledge (promise of services provided).

If your agent does not have a listing presentation on their listing appointment, please ask for one. It makes the journey of selling your PEI Home a lot more enjoyable and understood.

Michael Poczynek’s Unsolicited Testimonials

Michael is in the process of developing a Video Listing Presentation, so stay tuned.

Century 21 Canada Smarter Bolder Faster

The 5 Most Recognizable Real Estate Brands

Daily Real Estate News, February 26, 2013

Full article here.

Century 21 and RE/MAX are the most recognized real estate brand names, according to a survey of 1,204 U.S. adults by Millward Brown, a global brand research company.  The company surveyed adults who had either bought or sold a home in the past two years, or who plan to buy or sell a home in the next two years.  Of those surveyed, the following brokerage brands were the most recognized:

In addition to what Michael and his team offer, this is what Century 21 Northumberland(1987) Limited offers to all our clients:

  • Number one office in listings and sales in our area almost every year, decade after decade, for more than 30 years.
  • 25+  Agents working hard to serve you better.  Most of our agents are full time.
  • Only office offering potential condos RCI for $400.00+/- worth up to $3000.00 US.
  • Two Full-Time Brokers who care about your business.
  • Full-time Computer technician and Web guy to keep your property in front of the world.
  • Large visible office on the third busiest street in Prince Edward Island.
  • 25+ company websites all being marketed around the world independently by company and agents.
  • Member of MLS of Prince Edward Island.
  • We have and always have had members on the board to keep our company more professional.
  • Property Management and Listing Agency for CMHC.
  • A registered supplier with Brookfield Relocation Services for RCMP/Military/Government.
  • We have Bilingual Agents.
  • Videos on YouTube.
  • We will take 31 quality pictures of your property to promote to the world.
  • We have a full-time appraiser.
  • We have a full-time Staging Agent who will stage your home.
  • We will advertise the home in local media on a rotation basis.
  • We will do Open Houses.
  • We market around the World through some of our high profile Century 21 applications.
  • We are specialists in all elements of the Real Estate Industry.
  • We have had great success in Marketing and selling Commercial properties all over the Island.
  • We have listings from tip to tip of the province and can sell and list anything listed on PEI.
  • Waterfront is one of our specialties and we take great pride in our success.
  • We are involved in supporting many local charities. We are a company who Cares.
  • We are continuously changing our marketing to meet the needs of the market.
  • We were the first to offer Aerial Photography to promote our spectacular Island.
  • We have Satellite Offices in Borden and O’Leary.
  • We have an office in Borden, which is the first and last for people and tourists to visit upon entering or leaving our scenic province.
  • We have many connections through our professional communities to get your deal done.
  • We have 30+ prideful years of success.
  • Century 21 is the most recognized and most respected, LARGEST REAL ESTATE ORGANIZATION IN THE WORLD.
  • We have a group of team players, who collectively have experience in all aspects of life and business.
  • Constant exposure at Home Shows all across Canada, including and not limited to, Moncton, Alberta (Edmonton & Calgary), and Charlottetown, and Summerside (PEI).

This is only a small portion of what we as a company offer, and have accomplished.

Here is an updated list from Inman Press July 2017:

Click here for the full article.

Most consumer awareness

Century 21 — 94 percent
Re/Max — 89 percent
Keller Williams — 52 percent
Redfin — 38 percent
Berkshire Hathaway — 38 percent
Weichert — 19 percent
Realty Executive — 13 percent
Real Living — 6 percent

Most recognized name

Century 21– 32 percent
Re/Max — 27 percent
Real Living — 23 percent
Keller Williams — 12 percent
Redfin — 11 percent
Realty Executive — 11 percent
Berkshire Hathaway — 10 percent
Weichert — 10 percent


Century 21 Canada Sales and Service Awards

Michael Poczynek’s Century 21 Canada Awards:

Do you have a Charlottetown or Prince Edward Island property to sell?  I have the plan to do it!

Michael Poczynek is the winner of the following awards:

  • DOUBLE CENTURION® Producer – 2018
  • DOUBLE CENTURION® Producer – 2017
  • DOUBLE CENTURION® Producer – 2016
  • Masters Ruby – 2014
  • Masters Ruby – 2012
  • CENTURION® Producer – 2011
  • Masters Ruby – 2008
  • Masters Emerald – 2007
  • CENTURION® Producer – 2006
  • Masters Emerald – 2005
  • Masters Ruby – 2004
  • Masters Ruby – 2002
  • Masters Silver Club – 1999

Michael has been a top producing agent for over 20 years.  It takes money to sell property in PEI, and his money is on the table to market your property effectively.

Michael has one of the most Comprehensive and Extensive Marketing programs in Atlantic Canada, Charlottetown and Prince Edward Island.  If your agent’s only marketing program is putting up a for-sale sign, MLS, or listing your property on some corporate website no one ever sees, and constantly asking for price reductions — It’s time to re-think your REALTOR® selection.  Michael’s top goal for you is selling your home faster, for more money, more easily.

What does this mean to you? Awards mean consistent performance to get a tough job done and a revenue stream to pay for expensive marketing and advertising.  

Century 21 Canada Awards Banquet Delta Moncton 2018 for 2017 awards.

I feel like I'm waiting for something that isn't going to happen.

Waiting until the Spring to sell?  Think Again!

Homes & Land Listed in the Fall to Spring or the Winter Sell Best!

As we roll through the holidays and into winter, many would-be sellers will be holding off on listing their home, waiting for the spring “selling season” to put their home on the market. But if you’re ready to sell your home now, is waiting until spring the best strategy? Not according to the data, it isn’t.

  • Homes listed in winter sell faster.
  • Homes listed in winter are more likely to sell.
  • Homes listed in winter sell closest to their original price.
  • Homes listed in winter sell best.

Yes, you read that right! Overall, homes listed in winter sell best. 5.8% more homes listed in winter eventually sell (compared to the overall percentage of homes listed throughout the year), and they sell 1.4 percentage points closer to their original list price than the median—that’s $4,900 on a $350,000 home. Spring wins in one category. Speed! Homes listed in spring sell the fastest, sitting on the market for 15% less time than the median. Winter comes in second in this category though, at six percent below the median. While homes listed in summer and fall both sell slower than the median (12% and 16%, respectively). Why do you think most sellers are afraid to list their homes in winter? Don’t be shy about sharing this data with your friends who continue to twiddle their thumbs and “wait for better times.” As the data shows, there’s no time like the present to list a property.

Here is the full article.

  Video sells properties - girl holding camera with statistics.


80 Stacy Lane, Sunbury Cove Estates, St. Nicholas.
303 Harbourview, North Rustico Harbour.
234 Campbells Way, Sunset Dunes Estates, Cape Traverse, Bells Point.
97 Lily Drive, Summerside.
58 Fox Run Lane, Donaldston.
319 Queens Point Road, Grand Tracadie.
472 Fortune Cove Road, Mill River.
167 Morrison Lane, Morrison Sub-division, New London.
46 Eddie Murphy Road, Seaview.

 Cable Head East Most Expensive Home in PEI Video goes viral.



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