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still and video camera

Still Camera and Video Camera from the past.

Am I the only one that get frustrated when I see an advertisement for a video on Prince Edward Island Real Estate only to find that the video is just a collection of still photographs with background music?

I have already seen these photographs on MLS or the Agent’s website.

Back in 2006, I was on a listing rampage, and I was listing a lot of land and raw acreage (waterfront and waterview properties were hot).  At the time I would go out to the property install some Century 21 for sale signs, and take some pictures.  The result:  A lot of really boring pictures!  After all, how exciting can raw land be in pictures?  More importantly:  How is this going to help sell this property?  It’s boring!  I am suppose to be a marketing person.  My clients deserved more, and I wanted to have fun!

Here are some examples of pictures for PEI Land and Acreage for Sale:

In 2006, My PEI Real Estate YouTube Channel was born:

If you want to check it out, it can be found here.

youtube logo

Now, rather than just signs, and really boring pictures, I was going to give you a tour down the road, around the land, show the beach, hear the waves, and do silly stuff.  Like this:

I learned early on that people want a few things from YouTube videos and Prince Edward Island Real Estate Videos:

  • To be entertained.
  • Content.
  • Keep it short; under 2 minutes is great (and mostly impossible), and under 3 minutes will do.
  • Give it some personality, and place the REALTOR in it.  It’s sad, but most people do not want to be on video with the world watching them on YouTube.

I also learned that other things didn’t matter:

  • Quality of the video.
  • All kinds of material facts, statistics, room sizes, details no one cares about, and endless talking.
  • Just show the property, and move on.

What people do not want:

  • Still pictures with boring background music showing the same pictures that are available on MLS.

How do we know this?

The audience has spoken.  Just like TV ratings, we look at the stats.  Video is pointless if no one sees it.  Just like the best Real Estate For Sale sign buried in your backyard is not going to sell any Charlottetown Real Estate.  To see how effective a video or a YouTube channel is, check out the stats.  What do you need to look for?

  • Look at the YouTube Channel Stats under the about tab for total views.
  • Look at the date the video was posted and how many views it has received.
  • Take note of how many subscribers the channel has.

The more the better in all these cases.  Without marketing and advertising the video, it will receive no views.

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