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Summerside Prince Edward Island Communities.

The Summerside Area including Wilmot and St. Eleanors.
Summerside PEI Aerial Photo

Aerial Photograph of Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada


Summerside was officially incorporated as a town on April 1, 1877. It was reincorporated as a city on April 1, 1995 with the amalgamation of the town of Summerside and the neighbouring rural communities of St. Eleanors and Wilmot.

The population of the town of Summerside in 1991, the last census taken prior to amalgamation, was 13,636 residents.


The largest single employer within the city is the Canada Revenue Agency, which administers the Goods and Services Tax (GST) from its Summerside Tax Centre.

The Slemon Park business park (formerly CFB Summerside) hosts a concentration of several aerospace and transportation companies in former military buildings; Vector Aerospace Engine Services Atlantic (formerly Atlantic Turbines) repairs and overhauls Gas Turbine aircraft engines, Testori Americas produces interiors for aircraft and mass transit surface vehicles, and Honeywell manufactures and repairs parts for aircraft.

The outlying community of New Annan is home to the operations of Cavendish Farms, Prince Edward Island’s largest private sector employer. Cavendish Farms maintains two large frozen foods processing plants in New Annan. The outlying community of Borden-Carleton has several important employers for Summerside residents, including McCain Foods Limited which operates a frozen foods processing plant.

Since the closure of CFB Summerside in 1990, the city has been aggressive in courting new business opportunities and has created an Economic Development Office for the purpose of encouraging investment in the city.

The Summerside area was at one time home to the world’s largest concentration of Tame Silver Fox farms. This is highlighted at the Silver Fox Museum. (Source)

Summerside Aerial photographs by Michael Poczynek: