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When I first arrived in PEI in 1997 from Burlington, Ontario, where I lived since 1968, I couldn’t help but wonder where all those odd names came from in PEI. Names like Crapaud, Bedeque, Lot 16, Middleton, North Enmore, Charlottetown, Summerside, Kensington, and others. I knew that they had all English or French routes, but why were some of them named after old towns in England, and others had Lot numbers, and no name.

I wondered, until one day when I was in Toronto at the World’s Biggest Book store (now closed – so sad), and I noticed a book on clearance called “Prince Edward Island Place Names”. I had to have it. Finally, I knew the source behind all of the community names in PEI.

Make sure you order a copy for yourself, it is quite Interesting.

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